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Centralized Dashboard

See the projects evolutions, the tasks, messages and many more in your project management dashboard!

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The centralized dashboard from which you can do it all

  • See the progress of the projects;
  • Look at your messages;
  • Know what tasks are pending;
  • Have direct access to the feature.

Great for


Optimizing the work of every user


Quickly stay up-to-date


Go from global to specifics


See all the applications in one place

All the applications are in one and single place. You can review them by characteristics.


Check all your activities in one look: messaging, tasks and many more!

That’s all it takes: one look. You quickly see what’s next to do.


Customize all the elements from the dashboard

Optimy is a software that you can entirely customize yourself. From the dashboard, you can access all the features and fields that need to be customized.