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Automatic Answers

Automatically send a reply based on defined criteria.

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Sending automatic answers:

  • Create email templates with automatic fields;
  • As many templates as you want;
  • Choose when the email will be sent after the completion of the task;
  • Schedule emails for when a task is completed or status has changed.

Great for


Scheduling emails


Customizing the emails


Notifying the applicants of the updates

Email templates

Never leave an application without response

Schedule emails every time a decision is made so that all the applicants receive an answer. Build communication on a good basis with this feature!

Content of the email

Personalize the response for the applicant

Ensure that every communication is personal and that the applicants receive the appropriate answer to their proposal. It is the first step in building relationships with them. So, make sure that every applicant is getting a nice and personalized answer!


Use the data with the other features

Even if the answer to an application is automatically sent, you can still use the data in the rest of the tool, such as the reporting tools.