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Automated Workflows

Create custom workflows to match exactly how your team works

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The automation of workflows in Optimy:

  • Create a new workflow to automate a suite of actions;
  • Select the triggers, the actions to trigger and the people to notice;
  • Use it as much as you want.

Great for


Getting rid of recurring tasks


Increasing efficiency


Reducing the workload


Automate your processes

Workflow automation enables you to match and support your processes. Thanks to this feature, you can make sure that the processes are followed by creating a workflow that obliges the actions to follow a certain order.


Inform people at each stage

Trigger notifications to people in charge of the steps where it is needed. This way, they know what’s the progression and what tasks need to be completed by themselves.


Receive tasks in your dashboard

By triggering the attribution of tasks, those appear directly in the dashboard of the user or the team mentioned.