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Application Ranking

See in one look which application meets your strategy by using the application ranking feature.

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How does the application ranking work?

  • Enter your criteria in the tool;
  • Notify the system of what importance you give to each of them;
  • Let the magic happen!
  • See how the other members have noted the application;
  • Put the projects scored in a graph or a comparison table;
  • Automate actions linked to the score given by the tool.

Great for


Grant, community investment and sponsorship managers that want to work efficientl


Teams that want to work coherently by knowing what projects works best for which strategy.


Anyone that wants to save resources by concentrating the efforts on the most promising projects.

Project scoring comparison

Rate and compare projects scores

Compare your rating to the score given by the other users, according to their own criteria. This way, you can have consistent work habits of verifying that you continue with projects that either match various goals or to not go for the same projects.

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Make sure the projects you want to support match your strategy

By entering your KPI’s and requirements in the tool, you make sure that the projects selected are matching the goals of your organisation, without needing to look further into it.

Project scoring comparison

Save means by focusing on promising projects

Concentrate your efforts on the proposals that meet your strategy. The application ranking enables you to only look further into the most promising projects.