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Application Overview

Preview, edit and audit your projects on one page, ensuring nothing escapes your notice.

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The application overview feature:

  • See all application in one place;
  • Filter them by characteristics;
  • See quickly what are the main components of the projects.

Great for


Preselecting the projects that match one or more criteria


Quickly reviewing all the proposals


Filtering the applications


Get all the info per project on one single page

See all the information linked to one application in the project record. Don’t switch between different tools anymore, you can see it all together in Optimy!

Communicate with project holders via the same page

Get all your communication with the project’s partner passing into the project’s record. This way, you know exactly what are the pieces of information relative to the project. Plus, you keep track of the discussions in the same place.

Collaborate on a project with your teammates 

In the Optimy solution, the collaboration on specific projects is eased thanks to the fact that team members have access to the same information. For example, you can see in the record if someone has already contacted the project partner and see the communication itself.