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Application Feedback

Get valuable feedback from the applicants

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How does the application feedback feature work?

  • Add a part in the frontend for applicants with a space to collect feedback;
  • Ask applicants to fill in the questions;
  • Review the responses.

Great for


Hear from the applicants


Evaluate specific parts of your process


Ask the very question for which you want an answer


Get valuable feedback to measure your milestones

Asking project partners for feedback is a way to collect data relative to your milestones and KPI’s. You can compare your objectives with real data from the field.

Exchange easily documents and information with the partners during and after the project

Use the frontend as a single point to exchange information with the applicants. You can use this way to share and collect documents as well as key pieces of information.


Collect clean data for reporting and comparisons

If you’re missing time to make a report on every project, just ask the project partners to share reports with you or to answer specific questions, that will help you report on your achievements. Furthermore, it enables you to compare the results for all projects.