The Optimy API

Want to fuel your projects with external data ? Want to share Optimy’s data with other softwares?
Need to synchronize with other tools? This is possible thanks to Optimy API.

Our Powerful API helps you Build Robust Applications to Support all your Impact Projects.


Integrating Optimy to your third-party applications is easy, documented and supported if needed. Our callback API provides a standard interface for interacting with Optimy.


Build your own applications using the Optimy API. While accessing the requests, projects and data objects, you can build a productivity chain by integrating your own applications with the Optimy technology.


While working on impact projects, a key aspect is sharing. Our complete API library makes it easy to share your applications built with Optimy. With advanced export and sharing options, Optimy let you customize and share your settings through the API.

Empower your Projects to the Next Level

We designed the Optimy API in order to help you get the most out of your impact-making activities.
Based on REST and Callback process, the Optimy API enables you, through a simple interface, to manipulate all data from your Optimy instance.
With a standard limitation of 25 calls/min., we made it possible for you to use the full power of Optimy to push or pull data and get full control of your application’s ecosystem.

Enjoy a Complete Documentation and Support

Your Optimy licence onboard a full access to the complete documentation of our API, including:
– the definition of objects: requests, projects, data reports,…
– the methods to access data and to subscribe to events
– the methods to define triggers and actions
– the different case studies of how our clients have used the API.

In addition to that, we provide full support for your advanced API projects and applications. Our Customer Success team will be happy to guide you through all possibilities of the API.

Integrate in no Time with Integromat

For an easy and fast integration with most mainstream applications, Optimy has partnered with Integromat, an automation platform. By opening a free account on Integromat, you have access to triggers, actions and searches and are able to build scenarios in a few minutes using the Integromat visual interface.

A few first examples of what you can do straight away in Integromat:
– save Optimy projects to a Google Sheets Spreadsheet
– create a project task when a new project is submitted in Optimy
– …
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